Planned Giving

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Is Smile Train in Your Estate Plan?

Resources to Help You Plan

We understand that its often hard to know where to start when creating your legacy. It’s why we offer a variety of tools to help inform you and your loved ones about the various options that will help you create an estate plan that meets your needs.

Please take advantage of the FREE resources we have designed that allow you to make informed decisions as you look to achieve your personal and charitable goals.

While it’s always in your best interest to consult with lawyer or financial profession, we are here to help provide details on how your gift can have the greatest impact. Please feel free to contact Dawn Ellwood, Director, Planned Giving, at or 315-610-6966.

Notification of a Bequest Intention

Why You Should Document Your Bequest Gift

PEACE OF MIND. Sharing your estate plan with Smile Train ensures that your wishes will be met. We can provide sample bequest language to help you, your legal advisor, or your financial planner carry out your intentions.

DESIGNATING A PURPOSE. If you have a special purpose in mind, we can work with you to draft a letter of intention that designates your gift for a specific area or program.

NO OBLIGATIONS. Documenting your bequest does not make it binding or irrevocable—you still have the liberty to revise your estate plan if your circumstances or priorities change.

IT COUNTS. Planned gifts are a crucial source of support for Smile Train, on average accounting for more than 20% of the value of all gifts received in recent years. Documentation authorizes your gift to count toward Smile Train’s fundraising goals, assists with long-term planning efforts, and inspires others.

RECOGNITION. When Smile Train is aware of your gift, it allows us to express our gratitude during your lifetime. Notifying us of a bequest intention qualifies you for membership in the Smiles for Life Society. Society members receive many benefits including customized communications, special invitations, honor rolls, and personal assistance.

How to Document Your Bequest

To document your bequest, we request the following items:

  1. Notification of Bequest Intention Form*
  2. A copy of one of the following:
    1. The relevant portion of your will or living trust document naming Smile Train
    2. The relevant portion of your retirement-plan beneficiary designation with available pertinent plan information (plan type, name of account owner, plan administrator, most recent market value information, date)

Should you have any questions about completing the form, gift amount valuation, or the supporting documentation, please contact our office.

We are grateful to all our friends who have supported Smile Train in this most personal and meaningful of ways. We look forward to partnering with you.

*The Notification of Bequest Intention Form is a fillable form that can be downloaded, printed and signed or filled out by hand, and then can be returned either by mail or via email. This form needs to be saved and sent back to Smile Train; it will not automatically send when filled out.


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